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Weather Dee Zooper

1.1 usd

Attention! It requires Zooper widget pro haben die Möglichkeit, eine große Menge von Uhren von mir zu einem Sonderpreis zu erwerben, schau nach der Installation die Uhren nicht erscheint, bitte Mail an mich!All watches are easily scalable and suitable for both phone and tablet .
Classy and stylish clock with weather and many other informative features.Set includes:- Dee moto ( analogue not yet released , but already recognized the sexiest clock from the company Motorola, rigor and elegance )- Dee flat ( turquoise performance simple but informative things on your screen )- Dee grad ( soft type of favorite things)- Dee supreme ( maximum information on your screen from the weather and ending levels and speed of communication , as well as counters missed notifications)- Dee colors ( color game in maximal information )- Dee elegant ( elegant, with an emphasis on hi-tech, watch design with battery indicator )- Dee thin ( minimalism and beauty with the weather forecast for the week )
After installing the application , go to the Zooper widget icon and click "Folder" ( open )